A Space Worthy of Our Kids

“This is for us?”

Our members (almost) can’t believe it. Whenever we show them illustrations of the new Club, they dance with joy. Our kids are amazed that people — many who they have never met — care enough to invest in their futures.

These kids grow up in areas that typically can’t provide state-of-the-art spaces like this. They see photos on TV and social media and assume places like this are for someone else.

Our kids believe this, not because they aren’t deserving of great futures — they are. But because, too often, the world tells them otherwise. Since our founding, the team with Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Ohio work every day to show our members that they are worthy, deserving, and capable. 

Now, let’s build them a space that sets that same example.

Old vs. New

The new Club will be large enough to serve both the Milo-Grogan and Weinland Park communities. It will also be home to our administrative headquarters, reducing costs associated with a separate administrative space.