Saying Goodbye

Our oldest facility, the Milo-Grogan Club, is full of wonderful memories. A young boy arriving on the Club’s very first day in 1955, and receiving a hot breakfast with pancakes and orange juice. A girl gaining confidence and realizing she is more than her circumstances. The staff — a family of its own — showing up every single day to care for, teach, and empower every child. Countless hours spent on the playground and in the gym, our members getting stronger and learning to work together.

Unfortunately, the facility is outdated and can no longer serve our members’ needs. It’s time to build a Club that is worthy of our kids. After years of partnership-building and planning, Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Ohio is ready to start construction on our new Milo-Grogan Club.

Before the former building was torn down, we invited our staff, alumni, parents, and members to spend one final day with our beloved Club. We celebrated the memories made here — and the great futures that will be possible in the new Milo-Grogan Club.